Poop Jokes... and more.. Be silly with your kids!!????

Kids are kids.. and they LOVE poop jokes.. I've seen a lot of parents who don't approve of the poop talk or silliness...

I get it.. there's a time and place for everything.. But I wish some moms would loosen up and have fun WITH their kids..

A few times a week we have dinner at the table all together and while we have dessert we have a "poop joke off".. and the winner with the best made up poop joke.. wins extra dessert.. my kids are pretty fair at choosing the other if it's really good...

What's something you do with your kids that is just silly and ridiculous???

    Poop jokes all day over here! We like to walk around the house and make pretend fart songs when the radio is on. I took a peice of toilet paper and scribbled brown marker so it looked like poop and taped it to my oldest sons sock when he was watching tv. Lol he thought it was pretty funny. I love having boys.
      I just thought of this and had to post it... Its really funny if you haven't tried it you definitely have to get your kids with this one.... I like to get my hands wet and go up to my kids and flick my fingers and pretend to sneeze all over them.. OMG the first time I did that they looked at me with the most disgusting faces it so hilarious !! Now we do it to eachother all the time when the other isn't expecting it. Fun moments I had to share!
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