Sexy time with husband? (if you feel comfortable answering)

Do any of you like to do something sexy special for your SO?? Its an out there question but lets get real we all now how babies are made LOL and im interested in what creative things you ladies do.

I like to do sexy stripteases for my husband (well I try to be sexy lol) When we gets home from work the kids are usually in bed so ill have the living room set up with some lights or candles and have some sexy music and as soon has we walks in the door its sexy time LOL I do all kinds of things but I don't want to get to personal and offend anyone on here.. What are some things you like to do?

I figured most of you would. I was kind of nervous about posting a question like this cause I like and all the moms on here I didn't want to offend anyone with a personal question
    Lingerie, toys, games made for sexy time, blindfolds and restraints... I'm not a very candid person, lol! We mix it up a lot. ;)
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