Noah is walking on his own now! 11 Months!

Wow, the time just flies! Today, my baby took steps alone, he didn't use his push toy; I'm so excited for him as he begins different stages and explores his abilities.

That's great! You can do it; I know its hard. Before I had Noah, all I focused on was my schooling; I was able to graduate with my undergrad with high honors and with several honor society affiliations. I wondered if I would be able to continue that kind of work and focus, but I managed and I am now completing my last semester; it was much more difficult because I wanted to focus solely on Noah. My mom played a key role in helping me, I don't know what I would have done without her.
    Wonderful! So glad you get to share in his new experiences! Soon he will be toddling all around by himself and getting into EVERYTHING!
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    I was blessed so abundantly with the gift that keeps on giving (my son Noah) on 4-20-2013. My son means the world to me and I absolutely could not imagine life without him. Every day I thank God for my little Noah. I love spending time with my son!