too much coffee!!!!

I've been up since 2 am for no I have been living off coffee today. Now I am still awake and my husband is almost asleep and I want to torture him so bad! Lol my favorite is to stare at him till he looks at me then I pretend like I wasn't staring at him. He hates it but it makes me laugh so hard! They say laughter is important in a relationship...they don't say you both be laughing at the same time right? Haha
What do you do to pick on your partner in crime?

    4Milagro Rivera
    well I like to wait till he gets in bed, and gets real comfortable and I will just attack him lol and well wrestle till one of us calls truce lol. but he on the other hand will wait till I go use the bathroom for the last time before bed and he turns off all the lights and hides. so when I come out I have to be on my guard, but he always manages to jump outta no where and scare the crap outta me, when he hears me scream and sees me jump he falls to the floor laughing..this is an ever night thing. lol
      Tease him! ... about basically nothing and everything!
        I hide from mine too...I can hear him opening and closing cupboards and I'm like how on earth would I fit in there! Lol
        Mine is super ticklish! He won't even let me look at his feet. Lol
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