I don't know if anyone knows they are truly ready for a baby.

I'm going to go with the same sentiment expressed by the other ladies here, and say I don't think you ever know you're ready for a baby because you probably never really are completely ready.

Sure, it's nice to be 'stable' so you can bring baby into a good environment, but I don't think that really qualifies you as 'ready.' If you're emotionally stable, I feel like hormones and sleep deprivation will go ahead and mess with that. Financially stable... sure, that'll help, but babies are still expensive. Relationship, I feel like it's going to be a stress even on the closest, most communicative relationships. It's a HUGE change.

Of course, some people handle change better than others, but I think the perspective pre-child is hard to align with what life will actually be like. There's a whole different perspective between TV, or having friends with kids and baby sitting.. and LIVING it 24/7/365 for the rest of your life. I would wager to say having a child is THE biggest decision you can make.
Buying a house and things of that nature, I mean, yeah... That's big. It's a pretty big investment and commitment. But, if you don't like being a homeowner, you can sell. I guess you can give your kid up for adoption too.... But, you're still a mom. (And how many moms will really be willing to do this if you decide being a parent is 'too hard' when your kid is a toddler or something... Seriously.) You still made a PERSON (which, by the way, still amazes me.) Who can honestly say they are fully, completely, 100% ready for that kind of responsibility?

I'm not. I know I'm not. So does my husband. But, we're ready ENOUGH, and I think, especially when it comes to having kids... Good enough has to be just that, good enough. It'll have to be when the floor is a little sticky. It'll have to be when your clothes can't be perfect because they've got spit-up on them. And the fact that there's a bajillion conflicting views on how to do everything with a kid... Good enough is GOOD.

Learning to do good enough now I think is the best option, or it's gonna be 'good enough' when you're rocking in the corner, mumbling incoherently because you lost your mind trying to make everything PERFECT, lol.

Were you completely ready for it when you had your first baby? (Or your second, or your third) Is there any way to be ready or any ways that you know you are?

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    Having a baby is something that everyone is going to feel apprehensive about in some form or another whether they feel unprepared or prepared!
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