aggravated but yet still good

Yesterday was that kind of day that just made you wanna go to bed and call it a day. First I called Family Express to see when my orientation was and apparently they chose another candidate. So i started the day off a little aggravated and then my child's outfit that i ordered in the mail is missing, they dropped it off on my porch knowing it was extremely winding and it could have gone in the mailbox. So you would think that today isnt my day but got a phone call and i have a second interview with pizza hut and right there i cheered up and realized that life its gonna have its moments like today and just to go with the

    Things will get better! Tomorrow is a fresh day!
      That's a very good attitude--to be flexible! We have a lot of stuff shipped to my house, so every few months, we lose things, and it's very frustrating. I once had the mail lose a LAPTOP--they delivered it to the wrong building, and totally lost track of it. I had sent it in for repairs, and of course I didn't back it up, so I lost everything. Arg, sorry, that was one of my more frustrating lost-mail experiences. But you're right, things go on, and things usually work out. So good luck to you!
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