Do you sell, donate, or keep baby clothes... Why?

I am keeping a few of my favorites just incase we have another baby.
I packed the baby clothes that don't fit away. The clothes that I didn't like as much I donated to our local thrift store.
Do you sell, donate, or keep baby clothes... Why

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    I also kept a few as keepsakes. I gave stuff away from the clothes to the swing and highchair. Why did I give them away? Because, when I was pregnant with my daughter and had her, my friends and my sisters friends and all of their friends gave to me. It was an absolute blessing and honestly this is no lie. I didn't have to buy clothes for my daughter until she was 2. Of course I did buy clothes during that time, because let's be honest our babies are and would look so cute in this or that. Giving the clothes and other stuff away was a way of paying it forward for me.
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      Me 2 I saved the best for the next one and have a few gender neutral too.
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