Meeting a friend in person today!!!

Mandi Welbaum... She's in my town with her daughter for a quick trip that I'll let her tell you about.. She's in Santa Monica.. the beach town.. 20 minutes (depending on traffic) from me..

I have known Mandi for a couple of years now.. She was my editor for a site I wrote for.. and then I was assistant editor with her.. and anyone that written for a site, you can take a beating from readers.. My views and humor wasn't always well received.. lol.. and we formed a fast bond..

We have NEVER met in person.. And now she's here.. quick trip but I just told her that no matter what, we will meet her for a quick ice cream or picture or something, because I can't say I'll be in Ohio anytime soon. and this is one of those things.. you gotta make it happen..

We lead very different lives.. but for some reason we have always been very supportive and each other's cheerleader.. like pen pals..

Anywhosky... I'll post a pic later.. but, this goes along my earlier post... making real friends here... I think it's sp important and it would be so easy for me to say we were busy or too tired.. and both of those are true. but when you have a chance to make a friend a better friend.. you have to take it.. Relationships are so important .. in all forms...

Have a great day Ladies!!!

    That sounds great! Say hello for us! :)
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