THIS makes me SO SO mad!!!! Why??

Here's the story.. Family of four.. parents, a ONE year old and I think their 4 years old.. they set sail on their boat for a month trip to the south pacific... (don't get me started here yet).. THEN.. shocker.. they ALL fall sick.. and it roves to be a huge task to be stuck on a small boat with small kids (shocker ding dongs) and they end up having mechanical problems and the national guard has to PARACHUTE in 4 of our people to give them medication and help them. (by tax dollars)...

THIS PISSES me of for so many reason.. and I'm not easily bothered..

FIRST.. WHY are you on a boat in the middle of the ocean with small children? One of which was just beginning to take steps.. how absolutely selfish of you.. and dangerous.. are you kidding me? a strong wave and bah bye kids.. and what they heck are they supposed to do for 14 hour days on the ocean?? How dare you..

SECOND: Um.. yes.. you got sea sick.. and yes your 1 year old got sick with a fever and you weren't prepared.. why NOT? Your kids are little and with NO medical help near by???? You're a dumb dumb...

THIRD: I get it.. you are adventurers. but selfishly dragging small kids alone I think is the worst decision of your life.. wait it out.. your parents now.. the open ocean.. is no place for kids.. and you hollered for help and so they sent our national guards to rescue you're ill prepared selfishness and we have other things going in the the world that need attention..

UGH.. this infuriates me.. in NO way is this okay.. and nope.. even if they made it and it was perfect.. and they came back perfectly fine and healthy and tan and travelled for it.. I would STILL think they were assholes.

The end.…

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      And I don't like to take my single child to a restaurant, let alone a round-the-world boat trip. I admire a sense of adventure, but this does seem a bit much.
        Everyone makes mistakes... I know I've thought my children could handle something and went for it only to find it was a horrible idea and have 3 melting down children. Of course, I didn't have to be rescued by the National Guard, I just packed the kids back up in the car and went home... but still. WE all make mistakes. Theirs was just on a bigger scale ;)
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