Dying Easter Eggs too soon?

My daughter is absolutely DYING to color easter eggs.. and I tell her its' too soon.. they will be super stinky and gross.. but she's just jonesing for it...

I think I might just do it anyway.. and toss them and then do another batch for easter.. I mean whats the big deal right? Why am I so stubborn on letting her do it? it's probably one of the cheapest holiday crafts you can do all year.. eggs 99 cents.. color kit.. 99 cents.. and she'd be so happy..

OR do you have another easter type craft sort of similar that we could do?

    Use a pin or needle to make a hole in the fat end of a raw egg.
    Wiggle the needle around or use a nail to create a slightly larger
    hole. Blow out the egg insides When the egg has been removed from the shell, run water into the eggshell. Shake the egg well to rinse out the inside, and pour
    the water out. Then dye and decorate.
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