Proud Mama Rewards?

When you are proud of your children do you reward them?? Mason played incredibly well at his first t-ball game today, so we took the family out to lunch to celebrate and he got to pick where :)

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    That's a great question. I've never deliberately thought about it before!

    We make sure to tell our daughter when we are proud of her, and why her action/thought/etc makes us proud, but I think we DO often celebrate with a special practice of some kind. Whether it's a dinner out or driving through for an ice cream... I would say we tend to do this more if the event is out of the home (like your t-ball game, or a piano recital) but at home we celebrate with more books at bedtime, extra snuggles on the couch, or post-it notes on the bathroom mirror. Good food for thought!
    Love the idea of post it notes on the mirror!!!
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