Ways to wean from a pacifier

We were very fortunate (though it didn't feel like it at first) that none of our 3 took pacifiers. I have heard WONDERFUL things about cutting a hole in the tip of the pacifier. It removes the suction from the paci, and makes it much less enjoyable to suck on. By doing this, most children will just give up on their pacifiers on their own because it doesn't give them the same satisfaction it once did.

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    My daughter is almost 2, and still has one. She only has it for bed now. But it is for comfort, she doesn't suck on it. She just has it. She is very shy and gets nervous. Her doctor told me not to take it until she lets me know she is ready. She only gets it for bed though. So it never leaves her bed. We aren't too worried, mostly bc she only has 1 binky, and it is orthopedic. so it is very soft, and does not affect her teeth. She never used any other kind. And if she ever did need braces, I would get them for her. I am not worried, as long as she isn't walking around with it. I hate that. She is only 20 months right now. So I am not too worried. She does great with taking it away when she isn't going to bed.
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