25 Facts About You

Feel free to share 25 facts about yourself!

1. My daughter was born on my Poppy Wrays birthday; that is why her middle name is Rae.

2. I have a weakness for animals.I want to adopt 5 dogs, 2 cats; and get 6 chickens, 2 ferrets, 2 rabbits, fish, uromastyx lizards, and a chinchilla.

3. I love Chili. My Fav. food EVER!

4. I have an obsession with shoes.

5. My real name is Cheyenne Laura Finlay.

6. I have 1 big brother, Michael.

7. I have a 5 year old niece, Arayah Jade; and an unborn nephew!( He is due a day after my birthday!)

8. I love everything and everyone.

9. I have an overly positive view on everything and I am always happy!

10. I am a teen mom.

12. I work from home, I have my own business!

13. I am a planner, I plan everything!

14. I have really long light brown hair, it is down to my butt, I cut it 2 years ago above my shoulders.

15. I love singing!

16. I have an iPhone, and come October, my boyfriend and I will both have iPhone 5 c's.

17. My favorite color is yellow.

18. My cat has a full name, Maisy Mae Kupstas.

19. I hate brushing my hair, it takes about 2 hours to brush all the knots out! (it knots really easy)

20. My anniversary is April second, 2011.

21. I love to fish!

22. People call me the frog catching queen.

23. I have light green eyes, that are sensitive to light and I can't see really anything with out glasses!

24. I have really long thumbs, and they are triple jointed.

25. I am Rh-; so I have to get multiple shots when we decide to conceive again.

    I have blue eyes, and they are super sensitive to light! I feel your pain on that one.

    Let's see:
    1. I'm 36
    2. Divorced
    3. two heathen, I mean wonderful kids ;)
    4. I have fibromyalgia and while it isn't fun I do a pretty good job keeping it under control.
    5. I am in school for elementary ed with a specialty in special education.
    6. I have two cats, both are black and people have a hard time telling them apart.
    7. My kids want me to adopt a stray (also a black cat) and it's hard to say no.
    8. My son is a redhead and I am jealous of his hair color. I want it!
    9. I have hearing loss in both ears.
    10.I sing fairly well.
    11. I have a brother. I love him but our relationship is strained. I wish it wasn't that way.
    12. I am very close to my family and am thankful for them.
    13. I love love love being a hostess here on Moms.com!
    14. I talk a lot. Sometimes too much.
    15. I like fixing things. It calms me down.
    16. I do not like putting things together though. Nothing calming about that, at all!
    17. Coffee is one of my favorite beverages. Scratch that, it is my favorite.

    Let me think of some more, be back!
    I had 2 black cats growing up and have a special place in my heart for black cats!!!
      Oooh this is tough!!
      1. I am 30 years old
      2. We have a dog, 2 cats, and 4 hermit crabs.
      3. I don't use a diaper bag, and haven't since Mason was about 3 weeks old - though my collection of diaper bags would have you believe differently.
      4. All 3 of my children were born via c-section
      5. Two of my 3 children were delivered by the OB that delivered me.
      6. Pink is my favorite color.
      7. I graduated from James Madison University.
      8. I love to cross stitch.
      9. My husband makes fun of me for cross stitching because he thinks it's an activity for 80 year old women. It might be ;)
      10. I used to work at a zoo.
      11. I didn't get my driver's license until I was about to leave for college. Even then, I didn't get it by choice, but because my parents told me I needed to have the ability to drive if I wasn't going to be living with them anymore.
      12. I left a high salaried job to be a stay at home mom.
      13. I have a nasty temper and work very hard not to unleash it on my husband and kids.
      14. I am not perfect.
      15. I adore Sweet Tea
      16. I moved over 500 miles away from my family and friends 3 years ago. I miss them like crazy, but I love where we live.
      17. I don't like Watermelon.
      18. I used to do direct sales and have thought about doing it again, but haven't pulled the trigger yet.
      19. I suffered from postpartum depression after Mason and Audrey were born, but haven't suffered from it this time.
      20. I was obsessed with Tweety Bird when I was younger.
      21. I have 3 tattoos
      22. In college, I secretly pierced my cartilage and tried to hide it from my mom. She noticed right away.
      23. I love building furniture.
      24. I peed my pants at my 6 year old birthday party.
      25. I will totally pretend I don't see a spider in the house (they are BIG down here!) because I'm too scared to go anywhere near it.
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        How on earth can you hate bananas?!?!?!?! They are my favorite!! haha
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          1. I'm named after my Grandmother Jeanette
          2. I'm only 4 '11 tall
          3. My natural hair colour is Lightest Golden Brown but I've been dying it red for 8 years. Now it's black.
          4. I had a dog for 14 years named Boo. He was Husky chow and akita.
          5. I love to be girly but also would play with my son in the mud.
          6. I'm addicted to crunchy snacks especially potato crisps.
          7. 2 months after my son was born i got my gall bladder taken out.
          8. when i was 8 i fell and hit my head on a rock. i required 9 stitches.
          9. my heritage is Irish and (recently found out) Austrian
          10. I burn very easily in the sun.
          11. I once wanted to have 20 children...not any more :p
          12. I've never been married.
          13. I'm now pledging Purity/ Celibacy.
          14. I'm very interested in Jewish Culture/ traditions
          15. I'm hoping to sign up for Architectural Design this summer at Trident Tech.
          16. My dad and I love to garden and are planting a garden this spring. One of these gardens will be solely for my son Paul, to grind up for baby food.
          17. I've never played sports at school or with any friends. I wish I had. Anyone up for quidditch?
          18. My favourite weather would be either loads of heavy rain or snow.
          19. Over the next 3 years I'm trying to save up money so that I can buy land and build a house upon it.
          20. I surprise super easy.
          21. I'm very very very afraid of clowns!!
          22. Cappuccino is my fave coffee!!! (hazelnut)
          23. I don't really like music all that much.
          24. I love Jesus more than anything or anyone, including my precious son.
          25. I love making people happy. Baking for them, sending them a card. Things like that.
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