Mom can I have...

How do you all deal with the begging? Mine are old enough that if it's something big they know I have to budget for it, things are tight and I am very money conscious. I do let them get simple things most of the time, like a favorite cereal or renting a movie from Redbox. But outside of little purchases it's either a no, or let me think about it.

How do you ladies handle this?

    It depends what it is, and what the circumstances are... but most importantly it depends how they ask for it. If there is whining involved it's a for sure no. If there are polite requests paired with a please and it's not an insane request, the answer is usually yes - but many times with a qualifier (yes you can get it, but you have to use your money, yes you can go outside, but you have to clean up the playroom first).
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