Best and worst advice.

This is a general question:

What is the best and worst advice you have ever been given?

For me, the best was probably "You can't be perfect" which is something I try to remind myself of because I am way too hard on myself.

The worst was "Just use your overdraft protection!" when I needed something and the money wasn't in my account. No, no and no. Unless it is an emergency then I am not willing to pay a fee for it.

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      Hmm good question. I have a horrible memory so I'm just going with advice I can remember here. The best advice came from my husband when he told me that my own happiness has to matter as well and I can't go through life just trying to make everyone else happy.
      The worst was probably when I listened to my in laws who told me to go to the hospital for a minor issue I was having. $2000 later I am still trying to pay off the bill when I could have gone to urgent care and paid $150 or so and been done.
        Sleep when baby sleeps definitely goes both ways!
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