A winter activity for a bored child

My kids have always loved being active, even when it was cold outside and they couldn't get out to play. One of their favorite games to play is "war". We build up our towns with all kinds of blocks, ramps and other things then hide little plastic soldiers behind things. Then we take turns rolling a small ball (it needs to have some weight to it, like a bouncy ball) at each others "towns" and destroying things. The object is knock all soldiers down.

Another one is to build forts. They have taken every pillow, blanket and other random objects to build one. Even the 15 year old still likes this one!

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    My daughter LOVES to be outside she doesn't care how hot or how cold it is. When she see's her daddy and I playing on the XBox360 she always wants to play, so we went and bought Bejeweled3, I love the game so I got it for me, lol. When its too cold outside I'll turn it on and put it on the endless game and hand her the controller, she plays it for hours. She likes to roll around and play with our dogs also, so she'll do that if its too cold outside. We've tried the fort thing and she just didn't like it very much, so we let her choose what to do whether its playing on the xbox or "wrestling" with her daddy.
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