Love Yourself.

I hear all these people dieting, my biggest fear for those people is letting it consume them. I do not diet. I never have and never will. I drink soda, I eat chips, candy, fast food. I will not diet. I lose weight at rapid speeds and never notice it. I lose weight and then stay at one weight for a while and lose weight and I don't gain any. I weighed 115 before my daughter; I gained 74 pounds( I was at the bridge of diabetes),I now weigh 130. I was size 00. I look back and realize, that is not healthy. I like being a size 3. I don't have to worry about how I look, because I love myself. NEVER call yourself fat. You need to love yourself. If you don't who will. I love myself, I love my stretch marks, and my love handles, and my little bit of chub. My body has changed but I feel more attractive. I will never let my daughter call anyone or herself fat. She needs to know self love. You need to love you before anyone else. Self love is important to me, I think everyone needs to look in the mirror and say, I love you. Love your flaws and all. Love your imperfections, and you stretch marks, chub, it is you. And right now that is what you are; even on a diet it takes time. So love yourself for the moment, it is who you are. Don't spend your time obsessing over the pounds you need to lose, just love yourself.

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      The most popular misconception about there is that THIN is healthy. And it's not. There are many active people that could lose some weight that are far healthier than inactive thin people.

      I've been big my whole life, so was my mom. I watched her have 2 heart attacks in a day, go through stomach stapling and immediately become a diabetic, watched her puree every bit of food so she could eat.. then I watched her go through absolute hell when the stitches popped.....

      God made us all shapes and sizes, and he will return us home the same way, regardless of what size we fit into.
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        I'm not saying dieting is wrong, but the way some people diet, becomes a bit unhealthy. My mom started dieting and now weighs 112 pounds. She is 44 and looks very unhealthy. Some people don't feel comfortable, I have been there after I had my daughter going from a 00 to a 10 was not something I enjoyed, but it is part of life. No one will ever be just where they want to be. I weigh 130. I am comfortable being 15 pounds more than I was, and having chub. I love me, I love my flaws. I don't think it is wrong to diet, when people take it too far is wrong. I am all for self love, only because I tried so hard to be as skinny as all my friends, so there were days I wouldn't eat just to stay a 00. Now, granted, at 15 and 16 I should be out having fun, but I was very easily talked into things, so I started partying. I took a step back and realized it wasn't me. I wasn't being honest with myself about who I was. I hate parties, I hate drinks, I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, I never will. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I cut every one out of our life ad started over. I am in NO way saying not to be healthy, I am just saying don't let it consume you.
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