5 month old baby feeding: should I start solids?

I would make sure that the baby can first hold its own head up steady and can sit up without support cause when feeding you want to make sure that they do not choke. Start with rice cereal mash up fruit and veggies almost like applesauce you don't want it to thick or to watery.

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    Great advice!
      I say its very different on every baby. All my kids are very early eaters.
      But i did a spoon test with nothing on it. If they would open their mouth for an empty spoon i tried with a teaspoon of rice cereal. When i started baby food i would mix it with the cereal. Usually by 6-8months my kids were off cereal and was on baby food, table food and formula with toddler snacks like thr puffs.

      Haiden my oldest was just shy of 5months with cereal. 5.5months with mashed up baby food, 8months with baby snacks and cherrios and was 10months with table scraps.

      Logan was 3.5months with cereal, 4months with baby food, 6monthd with table scraps and baby snacks.

      Vince was 2.5months with cereal, 3.5months with baby food and he is going to be 7months and eats crackers, baby puffs, yogurt melts, baby food, green beans, chicken, rice, potatos, fries(make my own), plus his formula. He also eats bananas, and unsweetend applesauce
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