I find myself not going there anymore I just stopped going I actually hate going there I go to family dollar a lot now and giant eagle walmart used to be my favorite store I could live there

Have you mom's ever just stop going to a store before?

Epiffany endressAshtabula, Ohio
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    Epiffany endress
    Kmart is okay were we live I just don't buy there meat cause it goes back really fast and there customer service sucks.
      I haven't really stopped going to a store, but I go to Walmart for some items cause they are cheaper, but my main grocery shopping is done at Giant, I get the big packages of meats and divide them up into meals for the month , i also stock up on their 10/$10 items
        9Michelle Fritch
        I don't like KMart anymore, I don't mind shopping at Walmart because I can get just about everything I need from there and I am a member at Sam's Club so I find myself shopping there a lot since I have a lot of kids I can buy in bulk and like that. I also like shopping at Costco.
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