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I started a home-based business a few months ago and well i suck at it lol. I have never really been big on sales and in person i am shy until i get to know you. I have had a difficult time trying to get my name out there but i am not ready to give up. I have made business cards and i have handed them out, i have marketed online and even offered prizes but i am not getting any bites really. Perhaps i'm approaching this the wrong way? i love the company i chose, it took me 3 months of research to decide on it and i love the people i get to work with and stay in contact with. But in order for me to be successful i have to step out of this shell and approach businesses because although we market individual sales the money is really with businesses . Anyone else do a home-based business? what kind of tips do you have or can share?

I dont have inventory, although i would like to get some, its not neccessary with this particular business. nor is doing home parties.

Anyone else do a home-based business? what kind of tips do you have or can share?

    Sounds like you're doing great! I'm sure all self employed people feel the same way when starting a business. Facebook pretty much has a group for everything, I would search for that and hopefully you could find some people to network with, pick their brains.

    Also.. an insiders secret. Match yourself up with a nonprofit organization. Then have them call your local radio stations and do a raffle.

    For example: We're your local animal shelter and we're so excited that Tamara from (your businesses name) has donated this basket of (whatever you sell)! So we're selling raffle tickets to give this away!

    Since it's a non profit, the radio stations will not charge to promote that event on the air. Free advertising for you, donations for a local charity, and you get your name out there.. win..win..win :)

    Aside from that.. nothing ever hurt like hitting the pavement! Good luck to you Tamara!
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