Soo as you guys may know i have whats called irritable bowel syndrome and was put on medicine. Well now i hve to see a specialist. Im so tired of puking because my body cant make or pass a bowel so only way my body can get rid of waste is by puking. Its been 8 almost 9 days since ive made a bowel and i was sick all that night because it was hard to even pass the bowel. And before that it was 2 weeks. I hate that i am lucky just to make 1 bowel a week! Im so ready for my insurance to switch over because this crap is for the birds. Its has to be somethin more than just irritable bowel syndrome. I think there is actually something wrong with my bowels. Just cant wait to fin out answers because this is all getting old.

    Like you know you have that feeling you have to "go" yea i dot ever get that feeling. My stomach will swell up or stick out really far and then one day it will be upset and knot up rly bad and ill be puking all day then finally make a bowel but its never normal or easy. So the nurse i talked i the other day said she personally thinks it could be something to do with my digestive system. And i just cant poop. So they said i have to see a specialist and who knows what they will do. In waiing on my instance to switch over. And ive takin laxatives, grape and apple juice, and my medicine and nothing seems to work.
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