The last place you'd expected judgment is Petsmart...

I'm the first one to admit that I'm not the model mother or pregnant woman, and I've mastered the polite smile and nod to the well-meaner who feels it necessary to ask if I know how bad caffeine is for my growing baby - while I'm in line at Starbucks. In my first pregnancy, I actually exerted the effort to quote the latest ACOG or AAPCFN bulletin on the matter. This time around, I just joke about how bad caffeine withdraw is on both of us! But the one "well-wisher" I cannot contain my annoyance with, is the woman in line behind me at Petsmart, who likes to tell me that I need get rid of my dog now that I'm pregnant because I will never be able to have him and a baby in the same house. The lady today was so rude as to ask me "How can you keep that in your house with a baby on the way?" I get upset mostly because I know that if my dog was a labrador retriever or beagle, the advice would probably be different. But i don't have a "family" dog - as some would tell me, instead, I am a devoted and responsible pit bull owner.

In my first pregnancy, everyone told me that my baby wouldn't be safe with Benjamin Franklin in the house. And even though I'd had him long before Kaison was even a thought, I almost believed them. And then I remembered "Wait, I have an excellent dog, whom I've trained well and raised to be a well-mannered and behaved family pet. Why shouldn't Kaison get the chance to grow up with him?" And I'm glad I came to my senses! Benjamin Franklin and Kaison are best friends. When she was a baby, he took to sleeping under her crib; when she became a toddler, he was always understanding when she would climb on him or fall on him or use his tail to keep herself from falling. And now that she's five, he's her favorite soccer practice partner, and tumbling partner, and hula-hooping partner, and is her favorite pillow to rest against to watch her Disney princess movies. Just like any breed of dog, I am always watchful of those two when they're together (for both their safety) and made a point to teach her how to be respectful of all dogs, including her own, and she's grown up with the unconditional love only a mother and dog can give someone!

In this pregnancy, when they see pregnant me with my "ferocious" 60lb pit bull, and tell me that I will never be able to trust him with my baby, I just point to my five year, who's having no problem holding his leash while he patiently waits in line with us (because, as mentioned, he's a well-trained and mannered family pet) and just snarkily reply "That's what they told me about her, too."

    People judge ... it is unfortunate ... i wish it were not so !
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