I hate it... but I am a night time person.

I have always had trouble getting up. But as I get older it gets worse. I always feel tired. People tell me I should be checked out blood work and all because they worry about me. Anyway I work nights but I was night time person even before this. I sleep till 2pm or so. My fiance is a morning person and gets up around 8 which is perfect for my children. & I stay up with Milah my 2 month old who has her schedule all messed up and backwards. But I feel like I am cause of that while I was pregnant. I know I'm the cause of it. I worry I'm missing out on my childrens lives honestly. I am only up on morning on rare occasions. I want to be able to do things with them on their schedule you know? I want to make breakfast for them and all. I am there for everything else but I feel horrible. && my sleepiness is getting worse. I feel I have to sleep like 10 hours or more to have enough sleep. I literally cannot find it in myself to wake up. I feel like a bad mom. Everyone said it changes when your a mom but I think there is something honestly wrong with me. Even if I attempt to go to sleep earlier on days off I still cannot get up before 2. Like I said it is getting worse though. Other day I didn't get up till like 5. My fiance tried but I don't even remember him trying. Something is wrong with me. No I am not depressed either. I Love my life with my family. but something is up. Maybe my body is use to being pregnant. lol. I was pregnant for 2 years

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    I have always had a hard time getting up... I am the proverbial snooze hitter! LOL! it does not matter how much sleep I get I just cannot wake up! I understand what you are going through... but mine is rooted in depression. Maybe those are just your natural circadian rhythms?
      Have you talked to your doctor about SWSD? The definition is:

      "Shift work sleep disorder (SWSD) is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder characterized by insomnia and excessive sleepiness affecting people whose work hours overlap with the typical sleep period."

      Basically because you don't sleep at normal times your body never really feels rested and gets into a cycle of fatigue no matter what you do. I'd see if your doctor could help you figure out if you have it or not.

      As for your kids, they'll be just fine. I have a lot of friends whose parents worked night shifts and they never felt like their parents weren't there for them. Your kids will love you because of the good mom you are :)
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