Registering is a pain!

Mentally, and physically! When we were registering at Buy Buy Baby, my feet were killing me by the end, and now deciding on a retail place, as well as if to double up and mention I'm registered at Babies R Us too, when I really, really prefer Buy Buy Baby's stuff, is just very taxing mentally/emotionally!

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    Oh yes... the registering stage! it can be overwhelming can't it! Remember to not over register or you may get a bunch of little things you really do not need and not get the bigger things you do need!
      I did my registration on Amazon, which I loved.... Post that link on FB or send out an email... (never got to that point, but I figured it'd be easy) You know how I like the internet and not having to do all that noise, lol. I was going to just finish registering online and maybe go out and buy a couple things from the big baby stores so it could just be a fun trip.
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