How do you punish your child(ren)?

I, personally, believe in spankings (usually) and "The Corner" if she's REALLY in trouble (because that seems to faze her more). I don't beat her hard or anything, just a quick smack on the butt, and time in the corner (facing the corner) if she's done something that she knows she's not supposed to like kick the cat, pull all of the DVDs out of the cabinet, hit somebody, or if we have to ask her 20 times to stop doing something like climbing on the table. We do 2 minutes because she's 2-years-old. What's your method?

    We say "face the wall" the children have to stand...yes stand , not sit....facing the wall and cannot move. My children are 5, 8 and 10. I never really have to discipline the 5 year old she is adorably good! It is the 8 and 10 year old who give me grief! Since they have really grown out of time outs in the "time out" chair and wiggle and fidget too much in a corner ... they must face the wall and not move. This gives them less freedom then sitting in the corner able to glance at their surroundings!
      Avery isn't at the punishment phase yet. We're still working on her understanding no, lol. But when we do get to that phase I'll probably do a warning then 3 strikes system. First strike, 10 push ups/sit ups/jumps/etc. Second strike, 20 exercises. Third strike, don't get to do whatever activity they were doing and they have to come help me with a chore or something. When they're too little to do the exercises I'll come up with something else that they're capable of.

      I do this with my students at Tae Kwon Do and when I baby sat. It worked really well and we almost never got to the 3rd strike.
        spanking work best
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