My LO has had a runny nose for about a week, but hes teething his last 4 canine teeth. Then this morning when i went to wake him up he had thrown up his dinner from the night before.. Hes thrown up this week as well, just not everyday.. Now, taking him to

Runny nose and throw up!?!?! Ear infection maybe?

    Oh that's rough, poor little one, I hope he feels better soon.
      He just throws up every once in awhile. He had spaghetti o's last night, hes had the before and has never had a problem, but i guess they didnt agree with him last night.. Im hoping its just his teething spell.. He drools like a Saint Bernard and hes always biting his fingers. I have given him allergy medicine, but it makes him sleepy so i give him a small amount just to help with the runny nose.. im not to sure on what else to do.. kinda stumped..
        No, no fever not even a "low grade" fever (as my mom asked me).. Although my Fiance is sick with God only knows what. And i hope he starts to feel better. It always seems like when i get sick everyone is fine until about 2 weeks after then it hits them.. I just want my big boy to start feeling 110% again.. Although, when he is sick he loves to cuddle, and that is the only plus to him not feeling well!
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