Wow i can still do stuff even though it hurts

So my back is in so much pain. Its preventing me from doing my sit ups and kills me by the end of the day.
But i took advantage of the nice weather we have and raked the front yard. The boys were outside, riding bikes and trying to help, vince was in his stroller and he fell asleep. We were outside a good hr.

Now we are in and i think if its still nice out after dinner i will take the boys and the dog for a walk like i used to

But for now i am going to relax a bit before doing some laundry and dishes

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    I really have no clue. It feels like something is swollen on my lower back. Its very painful and very tender to the touch.
    I have been using heating pads, showers, and tylnol and ibuprofen to ease the pain.
    I do think i know what it might be though. Last time i went to a chiropracter he said my pelvic bone shifted causing my spine to be out of allignment.(i was pregnant with vince). And i did look and i do think my pelivic bone shifted again causing the severe pain.
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