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Once Trevor leaves for work around 5:30 every morning, Nina's about ready to be up by then, so I break out the playpen and a movie, stick her in there with some toys and her bottle and go to shower and make myself into a person for the day.
After that, nina's freed from the playpen, I turn on Netflix and put on a show we'll both enjoy (usually Scrubs in the morning), get myself some breakfast and nina some fruit snack puffs to keep her happy while I straighten up the mess of Navy Uniforms my husband has left in his little area by the door where he piles all of his papers and whatnot lol.
Then we catch up on facebook (and more recently, here!) for a little bit before its playtime.
At about 10:30ish, it's pretty much naptime for her, so I go set her in her crib in our room with her two usual blankets (she likes to be covered in one while hugging the other) and her little stuffed Eevee.
After that I go about making lunch for my husband who'll be home soon for his lunch break, and then he arrives around 11:15ish and we eat and hang out for a while before he has to go back at 12:20.
Nina's usually still napping by then, for maybe another hour or two, depending on how badly she's teething, so I'll get a soda, a snack, and get my gaming on until she wakes up, and then it's her lunch time, and then play time again until daddy gets home a little after 3. Then we play with daddy for a little while before he gets settled into his computer, and then I kind of just hang out while nina does her own thing for a little while (while i keep a close eye on her. She likes to try to eat things that she shouldnt, like electronics, carpet, and the blinds for the patio door!) Dinner's at 6ish, and then we play or just hang out for the rest of the day. Nina's bedtime is anywhere from 8:30-10, depending. Really, after 3pm, it's up to our moods what happens the rest of the day.

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