From personal experience I would say watch out if you want to get an IUD. Copper or Mirena. I recommend to people NOT to get an IUD. There are to many risks to just name a few -- IUD can get stuck and/or puncture the uterus, Expulsion of the IUD, ovarian cysts, Pelvic inflammatory Disease, acne, headaches, pregnancy is very common on the IUD, Ectopic pregnancy are the most common, miscarriage, preterm birth and birth defects. If After pregnancy you decide to get the IUD you have a higher chance of your body expelling the IUD. If goes unnoticed, you are not protected from pregnancy as soon as the IUD has been expelled from the body. Some people really love the IUD. I did when I had it but then I had so many problems come out of no where. I will never recommend the IUD to anyone!

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    I got a Mirena shortly after my daughter was born, and loved it. It took the stress out of BC for me: I was never good with remembering to take a pill at the same time everyday and the side effects when I was on the Depo shot were too extreme for me. I had my IUD in place four complication-free years. I had it removed after my SO and I decided to start trying for a baby, and had a positive HPT almost exactly one month later. I know this isn't the case for every woman, but it is the "norm" for IUD users.
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