My home is the hang out... Careful what I wished for.

I Always wanted my home to be the place everyone hung out. We now live where our apartment neighbors kids are great and thru play a lot downstairs in the courtyard but they hang out up in my place too.

I LOVE it... And not love it. Lol

I love that my kids are close and I can keep my eyes and ears open and I love that they want to be here and I'm pretty laid back... They all play the Wii together or Legos .. Boys and girls. They follow my rules, no snacks in rooms etc.

Love it.

However. Lol. It can get messy. Even when 5 kids are super respectful and clean... They are still super messy. Whether its toys brought out, popcorn pieces, water bottle tops or just the couch looking like its been flipped a few times. Some times it can get annoying.

But it's okay. My kids know they have to clean up after their friends leave and because they do... They're better at asking their friends to pick up too while here.

I have one main rule. Ish.

Make yourself at home, but don't treat it like crap and I'm not a maid.

But yay!!! Hope it stays this way through HS!!!!

    Aw... I love that! And Jess, I would be the EXACT same way.. I would relish in the fact that I AM THAT HOUSE AND THAT COOL MOM.. but I would die every time someone dropped food or got something a wee bit messy.. I guess just think that.. it won't always be like this.. years from now, with a clean house, you will long for messy days and kiddos all around :) I try to tell myself that when we have loads of people over and I die inside when people walk around with dirty shoessssss gah! lol
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