Spiders!!! What CAN'T you handle!!??

Ok. I can handle barf, farts, sharts, poop, boogers, spit, drool, goo from feet, toenails, dirty nails, crusty nostrils, blood, puss and scabs.

I cannot however handle a spider. I do cause I don't want my kids to think I'm a total freak and it needs to be taken care of.

However.. Even tiny ones.. And that's mostly what we get.. And we don't get many at all but.. Total heeby jeebies.

I abhor spiders. I spray them with hair spray and have used hammers and mugs to kill them. I trapped one under a jar once that just wouldn't die until my bf could come save me.

It's terrible and they die slow awful terrible deaths because I can't just squoosh em.

What's your big ick factor? What can't you handle??

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