Faint second line on a First Response early pregnancy test.......

Been trying to get pregnant for a year. Just took a First Response E.R. test and got two lines, but one was lighter then the other. I've read so much online about a faint line, anyone have any experience with this????

    Take another test in a week it might not be faint.
      If you have an OB/GYN or Family doc readily available, ask for a serum (blood test) to confirm your HPT. A general rule of thumb we keep at our clinic is: "You can have a false negative, but you don't get false positives." Retest with another one and if that is positive too, follow up with your doc. Since HPTs are designed to recognize hCG (what is commonly known as the pregnancy hormone) in our urine, even a faint line means there are high enough levels to be considered a positive test.
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