Weaning and milk allergy

Hi moms! I could use any advice you have! My little one is 12 months old and we have started the weaning process. I'm going to take my time with it, I don't want to cause Ally any stress. She's eating scrambled eggs, mum mums, all kinds of fruits and veggies! She LOVES chicken! We just found out that she has a milk allergy. It's new, she didn't have it a couples weeks ago. I started giving her more milk yesterday (only 2oz) any where the milk touched her skin she broke out in hives! Same with yogurt! She used to be fine with it. So, I'm stopping with the milk products, but I'm worried she won't get the proper nutrition that the milk would have provided. Any suggestions? Almond milk maybe?

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    After talking with a pediatrician I would try goats milk is the most similar to breast milk - that is a great option. also try out coconut milk - it contains a lot of great fats. Silk brand unsweetened that is carrageenan and GMO free, found it in the fresh dairy section.
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      I don't have any experience with milk allergies but a friend does and I know she talked to her pediatrician. Hope you get the help you need.
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