I do have our life pretty much planned. Next year we will have our own house, Kailene will go to Woodstock schools. I will have another baby in 2016. We have it planned bc its how I stay focused. If it gets close to my dead line, I work as hard as my body will let me. We have decided we are in for the long run, at only 18 and 19 years old with an almost 2 year old, we know what we want. We have had our break ups ( 2 ) and we have decided, not for kai, not for us, but for everything. I do need him, and I am not one to EVER say that but I do. He is my family, he is my best friend, he is mine, he is my soul mate, and I know God and my poppy picked him out for me. I know there is a reason you meet people. 3 years and a daughter later we are stronger than ever. No matter how many time I get insecure, or feel defeated, or cry for no reason, or anything, Seth is always there to pick me back up. The amount of love he has for Kailene is what sealed the deal. The way he talks to her, and ever in public, sings songs with her; makes my heart glow. I have never felt the love of a parent bond. I know not everyone stays with there childs fathers, and I understand, but we have is sacred to us. He isn't just my boyfriend anymore. I don't even call him that. I call him Babe, Seth, Never my boyfriend. He is so much more than that. When we found out I was pregnant, I told him I would NEVER make him feel like he had to be there. I gave him the option of getting out. I told him I would do it alone, he looked at me like I was crazy and said, "She is ours, we made her; and I will never give up on our family." Then I started working at my job now, and honestly all I can say is thank you to them, they have given me a way to make my dream life come true. They have given us a way to make ALOT more money than we ever though. I love my team!

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