Monroe smiles & giggles at...


And not just ANY and ALL wall decor.. we have this giant S, on our main living room wall, and it's chevron striped.. and I kid you NOT.. this dude LOVES it.. he literally LIGHTS up when he sees it.. giggles, coos, laughs.. it's almost like he's flirting with it! It cracks us up.. he will look all around the room and suddenly have it come into view.. and bam, Smiles McGee!

Have any of you Mamas had your baby's love something funny or odd getting them to laugh, coo or giggle like that?

    haha that's great!!! Monroe sounds like a fun little guy. Lucas loves to laugh at funny faces. He even laughs at a serious face if you look at him suddenly lol, weirdo. But I think what he likes most is when we duck so he can't see us and then jump up suddenly. He all giggly when we do that and he loves when we blow on his tummy haha. He loves to laugh.
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