5 months pregnant and little belly

since this is my first baby and i know nothing on how it feels to be pregnant, i google EVERYTHING!!!!! so when i googled about how little my belly was with me being 5 months, i got some response that it was normal and some that were too scary to continue reading. Before i got pregnant i was very skinny and weighed 125lbs... i put on a lot of weight since then.. could that have something to do with it?

    Before i was pregnant I was 120 and at the end, I was 162. Any weight gain is totally normal, obviously, but women can have very little or a ton of weight gain. You just have to keep yourself healthy and not gain too too too much!! When I was 5 months I was pretty big, but then slowed down. Your little one could just be growing a little slow and might have a growth spurt soon! :)
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