..newborn! And some 0-3!

My Mr. Monroe.. who was born at 5 lbs. 13 ounces.. he's still on the smaller side.. still wearing some newborn clothes.. but mainly because of the WIDTH.. this babe is long and skinny! Like his Dad :) So he can still wear some newborn onesies.. but also some 0-3 leggings and pants.. it's a prime example of his lanky build! We wonder if it will last :)

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    my daughter was born at 6.01 and wore premie clothes for the first three months. Thn chubbed up like crazy to 3 month clothes !! Now she is 1 and in 12 month clothes
      Julia Garcia
      my daughter was born at 6lbs and 5oz and she wears both preemie and newborn i mean she seems to be growing out of the preemie fast but i believe she'll be stuck in newborns for a month or two never no tho my oldest was a fat baby she never got wear newborn just my other two did [:
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