Well that was rough ending

So not sure how u ladies would have reacted but it was just a rough ending.

First thing our neighbor was upset cuz i let the dog out and accidently left her out. I realized this after i heard her barking at 10 to 1am. So now we need to work on her on that.

Next logan refused a nap which resulted in bas behavior and meltdowns.

But here is what got me. I was making dinner and while there was about 10mins before dinner i walked to our neighbor to get haiden as he was over there. As the neighbor and i were talking her husband said look there is a little red head boy walking alone. I look and sure enough my almost 4year old son went out without shoes and didnt even tell his dad he was coming for me. So once haiden came down and we walked home i gave logan a timeout. 5mins later he was standing on vincents walker, so another timeout. While in a mist of this vince was screaming, haiden trying to touch hot stuff, and my mother in law refusing to get off the phone as her nervous wreck was a priority not anything else.

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