Holding a baby after smoking: is it dangerous for a baby

Yes, smoking and then holding your child is dangerous to their health, also yours! I don't smoke. I live in a smoke free apartment building, My fiance is a smoker, he smokes outside. I make him change his clothes and wash his hands and face when he comes inside. (I wish he would just quit smoking) I try to avoid people who smoke too.
The particles and tar in cigarette smoke stuck to his hands and clothes.the same chemicals that leave a stale cigarette odor on clothes and upholstery also can be swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin of non-smokers. Smoke residue may linger for hours, days or months, depending on the ventilation and the level of contamination.
Secondhand smoke is extremely dangerous for babies. Among other things, it weakens their lungs, makes them more prone to ear infections, and doubles the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
Smokers spread contaminants wherever they go – pollutants seep out of their clothes, skin, hair, and breath. So before getting close to a baby, smokers should wear clean clothes (that they haven't worn while smoking), wash their hands and face (especially after smoking), and never let the baby suck on their fingers.

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