how often and how much do you feed your child. My son is 22 months old and he's 30lbs and 34 inches tall. I feed him 3 meals a day and 3 snacks in between each meal. I fear him Gerber meals so they are proportioned but he loves to eat yogurt and cottage cheese. I just don't know if I'm feeding him too much. Everyone that looks at him comments that he looks like a little linebacker.

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    Sounds good to me! All babies have different dietary needs. There have also been studies (I can't find them right now so please don't quote me) that say formula fed babies may eat a higher quantity of food when they get older just because they're stomachs are more stretched out. This is because formula fed babies need to consume more ounces formula as the grow whereas breastfed babies don't because our bodies change the composition of the milk to be higher in calories per ounce. Once the stomach is stretched it take more food to get the full feeling.

    This is fine of course. Babies need fat and calories to grow. Big babies are healthy!
      My kids get 3 balanced meals a day (whatever we are eating typically), with one snack in between their nap and dinner. I've been feeding them this way since they first started eating so they have gotton used to getting their fill at meal time so they dont need the snacks. The afternoon snack is just because I know that you burn off calories and stuff when you sleep. Sometimes keeping the meals balanced was difficult, but I've started using the pureed veggies and fruits in my cooking, no one even notices.
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