Woman Gives Birth To Friends Twins

After this couple went through 5 failed IVF treatments their friend offered to carry their baby for them. She just gave birth to their twins. What an amazing gift this friend has given them.

Would you ever use a surrogate? Would you ever be one? I think I could but only for a very close friend. I think it would be so difficult emotionally to do this.

    I think I would use a surrogate for sure.. not that I want anymore kids.. ever.. lol.. BUT.. you never know and then I would use a surrogate for sure..

    Carrying a baby for someone.. two? I'm with you. .this person would have to be super close to me.. family or best friend..

    I'm wondering if it' any "easier" for a surrogate to let go of the baby since it's not their genes.. since they were truly an oven to bake the goods. you know? I'm certain there's emotional attachment, but I would imagine that it might be harder or more emotional having used half your own genes.. does that make sense.. surrogates are able to disconnect maybe? Because the baby is not them.. at all..

    I wonder..
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