How did you tell...

How did you mommas reveal you were pregnant to your friends/family? What was your favorite reaction?

The first person we told was our friend Eric. He's known trevor since childhood, and I've known him for 6, almost 7 years now, and we're all great friends. He acted as the "Pastor" at our wedding, and even got ordained online for us. We like to call him "Father Daven" as a tease...

When we told him, we had gone over to his house to hang out. Normally we'd go on a bike ride first, but it was thunderstorming that day, kind of like today, so we decided on video games instead. We ordered some food for delivery, and got down to deciding what to play. My comment was "Whatever it is, soon we'll need another controller." and left it at that, while Trevor laughed. We wanted Eric to know first, but we're not usually into just saying things straight out when it has the potential to be a fun tease. Eric's eyes got wide all of a sudden and he asked, very hesitantly (he's very polite, and I think he'd have been mortified asking if the answer was no) "Are you...are you pregnant?!" and then he got all excited and wide-eyed and then groaned about how his mom was still trying to set him up with girls, and he's a year older than us lol.

    Melissa Middleton
    We told my mother first. She was ecstatic! This is her 17 grandchild (she also has 2 great-grandkids) and was still thrilled like a first time grandmother. I am the second youngest of 6 girls.
    To my mother. "Are you ready to be a grandmother of 17?"
    And she replied, "Aw!!! You're pregnant! Oh, Melissa, I am so happy for you." And then she began giggling like she always does when she is very excited. She told all her friends and everyone at church that she is expecting another grandbaby.

    My favorite reaction was my mother's, my sister Holly's, and my co-workers. I got some impolite ones but I believe it was do to jealousy. I let those go.

    All other friends and family found out via Facebook as well.
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