When will baby talk

my daughter is almost 13 month sold and she says a handful of words right now. She says Mommy, Daddy, uh-oh, hi, bye, puppy, kitty, bubba( our dog), turtle she started saying noticeable words around 10/11 months and has learned more over time. Every baby is different though.

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    I think the biggest mistake a parent can make is comparing their kids to others.. It's hard not to, but you can't..

    Both my kids started talking early.. and were pretty vocal by a year.. but neither of them walked until 18 months.. lol. Where as I have friends whose babies walked at 11 months or sooner.. and were 2 1/2 before I could understand what they were saying..
      I feel like it's one of those things where a baby only has so much room in their brains for development. They kind of have to choose between focusing on motor skills, social skills, or language skills at any given time. Some kids switch back and forth between them and others focus until they've mastered one before they even try another one.

      I'm kind of nervous to see when Avery will start talking. I don't want to get obsessed with it as her peers start talking. Hopefully I'll be able to ignore them and stay calm about it. It will happen when she's ready.
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