Good Monday morning ladies

Well the weekend is over and the kids are back in school. Yesterday was a pretty productive day though, I got the van cleaned inside and out and filled the gas tank. The kids were playing outside with the neighbor kids yesterday and they all had fun.

So today I woke up around 5:30, my usual time and went to the bathroom, took a shower and started getting dressed, woke the kids up around 6 and got them ready for school, got their breakfast and off to school. After dropping the kids off I went to McDonald's to get my coffee, for some reason I really like McDonald's coffee, so I let Chloe and Nick play while I was watching with Cody. Another mom stopped in and we talked, she had 2 kids, one was Nick's age and the other one was Chloe's age so they played together and we were talking for awhile. After that we left and came back home, I changed Cody's diaper and put the TV on for the other two. I'm almost caught up on my laundry and was going to do some more today so I can catch up for a change, every time I think I'm caught up though more laundry piles up, with 10 people in this house though it adds up quickly. Well I hope you ladies are having a great day so far, I'll try to check in later.

9Michelle FritchBellevue, Nebraska
    Melissa Middleton
    Laundry piles up in my home as well--it seems like an endless mountain, and we only have three people. A majority of it is my husband's though. He dirties more clothes than any five people I know. Dishes seem to pile up easily as well. My home never stays clean. I can sweep and mop twice a day and it still ends up messy. Some people cannot grasp the concept of a door mat. LOL
    Last night (and throughout that day), my son wanted his Mommy and nothing else so I was on and off picking him up and soothing him, which allotted be about 5-10 minutes here and there until after one a.m. He was not feeling well. So, we slept in a little this morning. He seems to be feeling better this morning. We will be going to my doctor's appt. this afternoon. And then I get to do laundry and dishes later, yippee!
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