This question is for the full time working moms. How are you balancing baby, work and fitness? I need to exercise more but can't seem to figure this out.

    It's really really hard. I think it's one of the hardest parts.. because if you DO have an hour.. who wants to go to the gym? it depends on how motivated you are, what kind of fitness you want to achieve..

    There was a time when I was so fed up with my body that I was up at the gym at 5 every day.. sometimes with the baby sometimes not.. or in the jogger with them that early.. My lunch break from work.. I ran or went to the gym or worked out..

    and the biggest difference I had was just being at home.. I found that just doing small things while with the kids and doing chores and dinner.. that it helped too.. squats while I waited for the water to boil, leg lifts while I buttered toast.. It all sounds so cheesy, but I swear it works..

    PLUS.. you don't need to walk for an hour.. walking won't get your body in shape..

    Take 15 minutes and do a bunch of hard over the top cardio exercises...THIS is when I lost my weight and sway my body change.. was when I did the interval training..

    walking and standing on a treadmill or doing the elliptical on low while watching tv.. will NOT change your body..

    Try at lunch time? Before work?
      I don't have much time to work out between everything else I have to do during the day. The best thing is to plan! Me and my husband both have a schedule on the fridge at home. His is strict with specific times. Mine is a little looser because nap time for baby isn't always at the same time.
      When baby is asleep I get on the treadmill, before I had that I would grab a book & read out loud while I walk back and forth. Sounds crazy but I lost 70 lbs with just that exercise! I also found a website called HASfit that has a ton of free workouts some only 10-20 min long. But they are intense quick workouts. Or they have routines you can follow.
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