Sugar Cereals..

I am weirdly and passionately against them.. lol. I don't know why.. I mean, I know WHY.. but I almost get mad at my friends who give their kids cereals for breakfast like the reeses peanut butter ones or the Krave... it's basically cookies soaked in milk.. for breakfast.. it's none of my business and I certainly don't say a thing.. but.. it bugs me.. lol..

We have the Krave cereal that my kids can have for dessert. Is that weird?

    When I was pregnant I developed gestational diabetes. Cereal is seriously my favorite food in the whole world. NOT the sugary stuff, Rice Chex is seriously so good omg.

    Anyway, the dietitian, my primary doctor AND my OB all agreed that cereal is pretty much the worst thing you can eat... even the stuff that's supposed to be good.

    Sigh... so.. I haven't had cereal in like 9 months. I'm upset about it.. but I'll get over it *tear*
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