Don't complain about your child's behavior and then let them drink soda...

maybe I'm in a judgy mood.. I dunno.. I try not to every judge.. everybody has their things..

BUT.. I have two friends that both just in the last week have told me how their kids aren't listing, sleeping well and seem to be unable to focus and that it's "clearly something they're going through".. and yes. they are all around 7-10 .. could be..

UNTIl.. we saw them all this weekend... in their homes.. on a regular day and they at one point or another were drinking a soda.. one of them had Mr. Pibb and the other a coke and I seriously watched how they went from playing nicely to kind of being super rambunctious..and then the moms yelling at them..

I have an idea.. DON'T Give them straight sugar.. or caffeine..

I think I need a chill pill this week.. lol

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    Every one is different.. My kids don't have soda.. I don't drink it.. it's straight up sugar.. I used to love a diet coke .. but it passed .. Everything I read about soda is just so bad.. the cron syrup.. but that's not really my issue.. (we have ice cream almost every day.. lol)... it's that they expect kids to act a certain way and then give them crack cocaine for their age.. lol..

    but i'm edgy today..
      I hate that! It's like they don't even see what they're doing to themselves and their kids.

      I've never ever ever liked pop. It makes my stomach hurt. but my whole family were diet coke addicts. Even the little kids drink it likes it's going out of style. I just don't get why you'd wanna spend your money on something so bad for you.

      My husband really likes pepsi and he'll practically beg to get it. I let him but I don't touch the stuff and hopefully Avery won't be too interested in it.
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