Kids Leave Saturday for a week.. YAY. and.. UGH...

My kids leave for NY with their dad to visit with him where he lives.. they've never been to NY or seen where he lives, so they're super excited and I'm super excited for them...

NY is a but further than I like.. and they will be gone for 6 nights.. which is one or two more than I like.. BUT it's a big trip and deal for them.. and they're going to have a blast..

I am both looking forward to the break and dreading it.. I haven't had a break in 2 months.. other than when they're in school and I'm looking forward to seeing some friends, organizing and just.. not packing lunches and snacks and bed time, etc..

usually after two nights I'm ready to have them back.. I don't need much alone time..

for some reason this trip is giving more anxiety than the others have..

I think it's just that it's NY and they haven't been there before ..

Either way.. SPRING BREAK!!!!!!

    Thank you ladies!! Yes.. I'm super excited for the.. it's hard for them to be away.. but they've gone on trips a bunch with their dad over the 6 years we've been divorced and it's something you sort of get used to.. it's never easy... the first couple of times is really hard, but you do get used to it and you know that they are loved and spoiled and having such a good time, that you feel better..

    NY is far.. lol.. The furthest they've been is Texas.. this is my own issue.. as they've never been there.. and they have always gone to places that I had been before when we were married.. But I'm so so happy for them and so excited for them.. they're going to have a blast...

    Mandi Welbaum- jealous? lol.. perhaps.. I love NY.. and it's going to be amazing.. and yes.. you know me so well.. I will clean.. a lot.. :)
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