Up all night, but finally feeling better.

Well, I survived my first night with a puking baby.

We went grocery shopping yesterday and there was this huge sale on ground beef. We bought it and cooked some burgers last night. Avery got some cut up ground beef (which she loves) and peas. Turns out the beef was on sale for a reason. Around midnight we heard Avery coughing and gagging in her room. We ran in there and she'd thrown up all over the place. From then on she was throwing up every 10-15min until 3am. My husband and I got pretty nauseous too, but we were so focused on her that we sort of ignored it. The beef must have been bad and it affected her more then us.

I made me wanna cry to see her throwing up over and over again even after nothing but water was coming out :( she slept in our bed for a few hours and when she woke up she was begging to nurse. Bad idea. I should have slowed her down more because two seconds after switching sides she threw it all up again. We cleaned her up and went and watched cartoons on the couch. We all felt crappy so my husband stayed home today, which was nice since he could hold her while I pumped the side she didn't get to.

She hasn't thrown up again, has taken a few sips of breast milk from a cup and even nursed for a bit. She's been playing and smiling again too, so hopefully she got it all out of her system.

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      How terrible! The only bright side seems to be that it's over! When my daughter's had bad reactions to food (mango!), it's gone essentially the same way--sick and no fun. I'm glad your baby seems to be better now!
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