Listening to chirping and naming

I am sitting here listening to chicks chirping and our younger children naming our new chicks. It's too cute! So far we have:

Grey Head
Maid Marion
All the black ones are Blackie for now until they can tell them apart. ;)

Have your children named any of your animals?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
    The only thing we have is a fish. My 14 month old calls his stuffed frog that he cannot live or sleep without "bub-bub" so I am guessing that is what he's named it.
      April bowen
      My kids named our dog. He is a yorkiepoo. They named him Chewy Short for Chewbacca.
      Melissa Middleton
      I had a guinea pig I named Chewbacca once. lol
      I like your dog's name. :)
        Melissa Middleton
        We have a miniature Dachshund and a Chihuahua/mystery mix (she looks like a Pomeranian or a small Shepherd). Sebastian is my Dachshund (he is silver and light tan) ; he is super sweet and well-behaved. Saedee is the Chihuahua mix. She is "something else" as my husband says. She is loco but great with kids (they both are).
        I suppose it won't be long before Jonah begins calling them something else. LOL

        We had a cat named Hyde who would wrap his paws around by belly and place his head wherever Jonah was when I was pregnant. We lost him before Jonah arrived. My hubby LOVED that cat (it was his). We aim to get another when Jonah is about a year old.
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